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Hcs457 R2 Website Review Wk2 1 Essay

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Website Review

Find national, state, and local governmental health agency websites that address the issue you selected in your Week One assignment. Follow the example to document your findings in the table.

Health issue: Measles Outbreak

Website Information Type
Type of Surveillance: survey, self report, statistics, case report, and so forth Data changes over time: Has the inci...

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/blogs/health/2015/01/22/379072061/disneyland-measles-outbreak-hits-59-cases-and-counting /healthinfo/discond/pages/measles.aspx /local/california/la-me-measles-20150418-story.html#page=1 /measles/cases-outbreaks.html /media/h1n1flu/index.htm#fas /news/local/timeline-disneyland-measles-outbreak-289520681.html /storyline/measles-outbreak/measles-outbreak-traced-disneyland-declared-over-n343686 1 139 2009 address affect agenc assign behind california case cases/reasoning chang compar confirm content current data death decemb decreas document due educ exampl fall find flu follow forth government hand hcs457 health hospit identifi incid includ increas inform initi intervent isol issu local mani mask materi measl nation number one outbreak past phoenix print r2 reason report resourc review rise search select self self-report sinc state statist surveil survey swine tabl time two type uncontrol univers vaccin video wash websit week without wk2 world