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The Impact Of The Internet Or Essay

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Project title:
“Technology has been at the center of changes taking place that affect the supply chain.” Discuss the impact of the Internet or Information Technology on Logistics Management.”

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Executive summary 2
Customer service 2
Warehouse and Storage Management 3
Inventory Planning 4
Transport Management 4
Case study 5
Answer of the question “Would you recommend the use of IT in your work area?
Reference 6

Executive Summary
Information technology (IT) is now become a factor which embedded to our life. Some people may dislike it or unable to manage it, but just can’t run away from it. Every electronic product we are using, every information we are receiving, more or less is related to IT. We all agree that effective logistic management can provide a major source of competitive advantage. To manage he link between supplier and customer in tip top condition, and also meeting customer expectation at a lower total cost than the competition. The effective use of information technology (IT).to achieve such goal is inevitable. Although the use of IT is the alternate solution of the goal achievement, there is still a risk if we totally depend on it and without a “plan B” In four areas we are looking at the benefits and problems of using IT, which is: * Customer Service

* Warehouse and Storage Management
* Inventory Planning
* Transportation Management

Customer Service

Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation. By using IT tools, customer can easily get the require information, s...

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