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At this time, the development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in various fields is very rapid and is seen as a necessity and an opportunity. In the field of English education, for example, the development of ICT can provide a new dimension to the learning of literacy skills; ICT can provide creative opportunities for young writers. The ability to write well is critical for future learners. To start writing, learners can start from something as simple and informal, such as journal / diary daily activities. However, learning to write is still perceived conventional where teachers are often told make a direct writing without the writing process. They are often given limited so it is less interesting, challenging exploration, losing the element of innovation and creation. In fact, larning often, over the years, become the sole examiner of learners writing that the lack of feedback and interaction in the process of writing it. One way that can be used to improve the quality of teaching and learning writing skills with the use of ICT is a blog (online journal). Blog is an online journal where learners can write whatever they think is interesting, edit it, publish it, and even make it a media to (sharing) for all those involved. It is believed that the use of a blog post can provide a real audience and potential for improvement of learner writing, innovation, exploration, and the creation of better, giving a more dynamic interaction, better literacy skills, even the development work in teams. Keywords: Blog, Internet, Learning Writing


Developments in science and technology have been so rapid at this age. Scientific developments that occurred during this does not take place suddenly, but occurs gradually. The development of science occurs because humans have always faced the challenge of nature, circumstances and conditions that spur there boost to make people move towards progress and encouragement is curiosity (Mutansyir, 2002: 63). All the things that happened up to now is a long series of human history.

The rapid advancement of technology and science has been a challenge (and opportunity) for all aspects of human life, including education. Education is now faced with a very complex challenges, one of which is the human resource that can compete and take part in this globalization era. To that end, the institution as an institution that aims to improve human resources are expected to provide the best with the following breakthrough improvement efforts with a view to improving the quality of processes and products of education. Indonesia to build a quality education system is necessary to support all components of a comprehensive and sustainable. The current global developments requires the development of human resources in terms of quality (Nurkolis, 2002: 1). Education in Indonesia has undergone many transformations, from the method, focus, curriculum, and more. Language learning, especially learning foreign languages, also experienced similar things. There have been many strategies, techniques, methods, and ideas that have been generated for the quality of learning a foreign language better. However, until now, as far as researchers know, learning a foreign language, especially English is still not showing optimal results.

The ability of children to learn English, have even started primary school and supplemented with additional hours outside of class, still not optimal. Learning English is now faced with the challenge of improving the quality of learning processes and outcomes so that human resources are expected to be improved. There are a lot of people, especially children who are learning English now not able to speak and write in English even though they understand the rules that exist in the language they tend to only understand the concepts that exist mechanically, which when th...

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