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Globalization Of Internet Radio Essay

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As time progresses, technology also progresses, often times leaving outdated technologies in the past. So when radio hit the mainstream market in the 1920’s, it had an expected period of success before its imminent fallout. Radio has surpassed everyone's expectation of its own life expectancy because radio has continued to adapt to new technologies for over 50 years. The first major change to radio was when television was introduced because before television, radio was one of the major forms of entertainment besides reading. So when television took over the large entertainment market, radio stuck to what they did best, sports, music, and news. And now, radio has once had to reinvent themselves again in the 21st century by going online. The globalization of internet radio is now one of the most important ways of communicating because people from all around the world can tune into a specific station and share common ideas through the same medium in real time.

The globalization of media encompasses generally the delivery and reach of an overall message. We could use the the globalization of idea that baggy jeans are cool to further explain how globalization works. A teenager from Brooklyn might be late to one of his classes that happens to be in Time Square. Now he waddles through Time Square without a belt, a tourist from Pennsylvania sees the teen and now decides to lower his pants. After doing it around his own high school, one of his peers catches on to the trend and puts it on his online blog...

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