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Internet Tools At Dirt Bikes Analysis Essay

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The management at Dirt Bikes is concerned that using the internet will make their communications will be too expensive, but that they might not be able to find information about the global economy and the motor cycle industry without proper internet tools. I will look at the problems already existing in Dirt Bike's communications and information retrieval systems, and in this proposal I will tell them their best solutions. I will analyze which kinds of internet tools and technologies will most benefit both the company and its employees, and meet all of their stated current and projected future needs. This paper will go over intranet systems, as well as other methods that the company can use to meets its internet needs. These tools will help the company if they put them into use effectively. I will also explain why Dirt Bikes should consider wireless technology, and the different ways it will affect the company. Wireless networks and wired networks have different cost efficiencies, and we will go over these so that the company can chose the most cost-efficient and effective system. This will probably reveal the advantages of wireless networks versus the disadvantages of wired networks. Recommendations

I have looked over the way that Dirt Bikes is organized, and I have some ideas about how they can solve their problems. First of all: Dirt Bikes already lets its employees use the internet through desktop computers, so it would make sense to se...

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