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Web Design Key Principles Essay

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Understand what people want from the web
Get the big picture
Appreciate web design as a collaborative effort
List key steps in the website design development process
Understand design concept and visualization as applied to
web design
Realize the need for engaging content
Learn to maximize the potential of available technology
Grasp the basics of motion
Understand visual basics for screen-based media
Design for interactive media


Websites are a collection of “pages” or files linked together and made available on the World Wide Web and are
authored and owned by companies, organizations, and
Content is the body of information that is available to
visitors. It is the subject and substance of the text and
Information architecture is the careful organization of
website content into hierarchical (or sequential) order.
The visual design of information architecture is the
navigation system.
Motion aesthetics refers to the process and consideration
of how form creates impact over time in a design.

Web Design: The Big Picture

Technology evolves daily and we can predict that digital
media presentations, applications, and uses for visual
communication will significantly evolve over the next decade. Since the 1990s, the Internet has played an important part in advancing technological changes, and its impact on daily life will continue be felt in innumerable ways.

Along with technology, environmental issues make regular
headlines. As we find opportunities to go green, more
information that was formerly available in print can go digital.


Purposes of Websites

Compared with print, interactive media is in its infancy;
however, younger generations have grown up with the web
and many spend most of their leisure time with interactive
media. Website purposes include:
– Public service
nonprofit groups
– Organizations
– Government
– Commercial
– Educational
– Editorial
– Reference
– Institutional promotion
– Transactional
– Self-promotion

Video sharing
Photo sharing

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