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What is a secure site?

Traditionally when you hear someone say 'Our website is Secure' they imply that their website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and that the traffic is encrypted (The little lock in your browser usually appears) unfortunately Encryption doesn't make a website secure. Sure encryption makes sure that nobody can sniff your session (see what you're doing), but if the site you're submitting personal data to contains a Vulnerability an attacker can still steal your data. Some sites contain logo's saying 'Secured by XXX' (XXX being a vendor name) but you can't trust these one bit. Rather then paying for a security monitoring service a website owner could easily just copy the image and save a few thousands dollars doing it. Unfortunately not everyone knows how to secure a website and some blind trust is needed in order to perform some everyday tasks. To ease your mind there are some rules that certain types of sites must follow in order to remain active.


Web Security Guard is an application developed by Crawler that prevents the user from entering potentially dangerous Web sites that may cause adware, viruses, spyware, or spam.Web Security Guard informs of potentially dangerous websites by displaying information and user reviews before entering websites.It uses a database of web site ratings and reviews provided by the users. Crawler Toolbar comes with Web Security Guard keeping it up to date and providing combined search results from major Internet search engines.

When a computer connects to a network and begins communicating with others, it is taking a risk. Internet security involves the protection of a computer's internet account and files from intrusion of an unknown user.[1] Basic security measures involve protection by well selectedpasswords, change of file permissions and back up of computer's data. Security concerns are in some ways peripheral to normal business working, but serve to highlight just how important it is that business users feel confident when using IT systems. Security will probably always be high on the IT agenda simply because cyber criminals know that a successful attack is very profitable. This means they will always strive to find new ways to circumvent IT security, and users will consequently need to be continually vigilant. Whenever decisions need to be made about how to enhance a system, security will need to be held uppermost among its requirements. Internet security professionals should be fluent in the four major aspects:  Penetration testing

 Intrusion Detection
 Incidence Response
 Legal / Audit Compliance

Some apparently useful programs also contain features with hidden malicious intent. Such programs are known as Malware, Viruses, Trojans,Worms, Spyware and Bots.  Malware is the most general name for any malicious software designed for example to infiltrate, spy on or damage a computer or other programmable device or system of sufficient complexity, such as a home or office computer system, network, mobile phone, PDA, automated device or robot.  Viruses are programs which are able to replicate their structure or effect by integrating themselves or references to themselves, etc into existing files or structures on a penetrated computer. They usually also have a malicious or humorous payload designed to threaten or modify the actions or data of the host device or system without consent. For example by deleting, corrupting or otherwise hiding information from its owner.  Trojans (Trojan Horses) are programs which may pretend to do one thing, but in reality steal information, alter it or cause other problems on a such as a computer or programmable device / system.  Spyware includes programs that surreptitiously monitor keystrokes, or other activity on a computer system and report that information to others without consent.  Worms are programs which are able to replicate themselves over a (possibly extensive) computer network, and also perform malicious acts that may ultimately affect a whole society / economy.  Bots are programs that take over and use the resources of a computer system over a network without consent, and communicate those results to others who may control the Bots. The above concepts overlap and they can obviously be combined. The terminology is evolving. Antivirus programs and Internet security programs are useful in protecting a computer or programmable device / system from malware. Such programs are used to detect and usually eliminate viruses. Anti-virus software can be purchased or downloaded via the internet. Care should be taken in selecting anti-virus software, as some programs are not as effective as others in finding and eliminating viruses or malware. Also, when downloading anti-virus ...

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