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Internet Using Trend Among Young Studen Essay

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Internet using trend among young students: Gender difference in private universities.

Internet Using:

The Internet provides us with access to vast amounts of information on almost anything to everything, offers platforms for knowledge and opinion sharing, is a source of entertainment for people of all ages and diverse interests, and also provides opportunity to network and maintain contact with people from home and abroad, which had been curtailed due to busy work schedule and mechanized lifestyle. Incorporating information and communication technologies, particularly the Internet, into teaching and learning in higher education has become an important issue in both economically developed and rapidly developing countries. The spread of the Internet has become a common fact in academic and business environments; it is no longer a surprise. In Bangladesh. Internet using has become a great deal for everyone. No one can think about a day without using it. Most of the time especially students need internet for their study, projects, assignments etc. At their free time they log in to many social sites like face book, twitter, yahoo mail etc.Students have positive attitudes toward using the Internet as a learning tool, adequate basic knowledge of the Internet, and viewed the learning environment as supportive of using the Internet for learning. Students with better basic Internet skills and who viewed the learning environment as promoting the use of the Internet favored using the Internet for learning.


Internet has become a trend for students. Instant messaging, social networking, and blogging have gained ground as communications tools, but email remains the most popular online activity, particularly among young internet users. Bangladesh is a growing ICT country in the world. The rate of internet use is increasing day by day. They growing technological enhancement increases the uses of internet in every arena. Education is not out of that faction. In this day and age internet is indispensable part of education. As the usages rate of internet in

Education is increasing day by day, so it is quite logical to judge the attitude of students towards internet. As the number of private universities increases day by day and the capacity inadequacy of Public Universities, so Private University is the major arena where the students receive their higher education. Ages (18-24) are the most likely groups to use the internet for entertainment and for communicating with friends and family. These younger generations are significantly more likely than their older counterparts to seek entertainment through online videos, online games and virtual worlds, and they are also more likely to download music. Sometimes they are ignoring their daily studies as they spent most of the time by using internet. The number of Internet subscriptions in Bangladesh grew from 186,000 in 2000 to 617,300 in 2009. Boys spent most of the time using internet than girls. Girls usually use internet for online shopping, sometimes for social networking sites, for doing projects or assignments. Boys use internet for playing games, using social networking sites etc. Over time, this scenario has changed, and now with Internet enabled cell phones, and wireless and broadband Internet connections, the usage has increased widely with around 15%-16% annual growth.

Historical perspective of internet use in Bangladesh:

Over the last few years, the Internet has become easily accessible to a growing number of people who have computers, cell phones and computer literacy in Bangladesh. Although in Bangladesh the Internet usage started in 1996, it was primarily limited to the upper class as it was initially available only through dial-up and was charged per minute at a very high rate.Like many developed and developing countries, the Internet in Bangladesh has witnessed phenomenal growth. Although facing many constraints in expanding Internet access and use, development of the Internet and Information Technology are high government priorities. In 2013, Internet users in Bangladesh increased to 33 million. In 2005 there were more than 180 ISPs operating in the country. ISP's are regulated by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC). In 2011 there were 111 licensed ISPs providing services nationwide and 84 ISPs providing services in the central zone. Broadband Internet and e-commerce in Bangladesh is slowly progressing. In 2009 there were 50,000 fixed broadband Internet subscribers. Though broadband Internet access is available, the charges for high speed connections are higher than in ot...

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