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Internet Based Learning Versus Traditional Essay

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Internet – based learning and traditional classroom learning are the popular learning styles known to some people. There have been several debates and which is still going on about which learning is the best. However, both learning styles have their limitations, advantages and disadvantages, but researchers still argue that one of the learning styles earlier mentioned is better than the other. Critics point out that Web-based training is a good alternative for independent, self-motivated students but that technical issues and the need for human contact limit its usefulness for students with other learning styles. More about these learning styles will be discussed in this paper. Definition of Internet – Based Learning

Internet-based learning also known as e-learning is any-time, anywhere instruction delivered over the Internet to browser-equipped learners [1]. According to Allison Rossett, She said; “Web-based learning is a training that resides on a server or host computer that is connected to the World Wide Web.” Rossett also considers internet-based learning to be a training that is delivered partially or entirely through electronic hardware, software, or maybe both [2]. Another definition of internet-based or web-based learning is the teaching and learning supported by the resources and attributes of the Internet [3]. There are two primary models of Web-based instruction: synchronous (instructor-facilitated) and asynchronous (self-directed, self-paced). Instruction can be delivered by a combination of static methods (learning portals, hyperlinked pages, screen cam tu...

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