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Web Hosting Essay

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Web Hosting.

1. What is a web server?

A Web server is a software package that, consuming the client/server model and the World Wide Web's Hypertext Transfer Protocol ( HTTP ), helps the files that form Web pages to Web users (whose computers contain HTTP clients that forward their requests).

2. What hardware and software is needed to host your website?

To do this you will need a computer (specs should be higher than 800Mhz, 256meg ram, as much disk space as your site needs + about 10gig) with either windows, or preferably a linux or unix variant (e.g. Ubuntu) That computer will need to be connected to an internet connection with a fixed IP address. If possible, it should be directly connected to the internet (e.g with an internal ADSL modem) or if it has to use a router you will need to s...

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