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30513232 E-business 3(3-0) | Providing students with the skills concerned with using information and communication technology to support business activities including: business trading, product and service exchange between organizations and individuals. Also, it aims at providing students with important topics in this domain such as supply chain management.Perquisite (30513232) | 30501232 Computer Applications in Business 1 : 3(1-4) | an overview of the integrated software packages most often used in the workplace. Topics of subjects include computer concepts, word processing (Arabic and English), spreadsheet, database and presentation software applications. Perquisite (30701152) Perquisite (30701152) | 30501333 Computer Applications in Business 2 : 3(1-4) | Providing the students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary for carrying out simple statistical procedures and it's application in research methods. Topics of subjects include how to input and code data, analyzing data, representing data by using appropriate charts. And teaching students how to represent the research results in a proper manner, and how to write a good research report. Perquisite (30513232) | 30501445 Knowledge Management |

The definition of knowledge, its types, sources and its characteristics. Knowledge management’s process and its development and function. Knowledge management system and its...

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