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1. Introduction 2
a. Ergonomic 2
b. Anthropometric 2
c. Anthropometric Study 2
2. Problem Statement 4
d. Hand Tool 4
e. Conventional Gardening Cutter 4
f. Design Improvement Gardening Cutter 6
g. Technical Drawing Design Improve Gardening Cutter 7 3. Conclusion 8

This project is brief about hand tool design that needs ergonomic attention and consideration. The report will discuss and explain clearly about what and how it can be improve under several aspects in term of efficiency, safety, ease of use, confortable and work performance. Upon completion of this assignment, the objective is to consider of a wide range of human factor that relevant to applied in order to create or design an effective product and understanding anthropometric and ergonomic consideration that affect tool design decision. a) ERGONOMIC

Ergonomic is the study of people and their relationship with the environment around them. Scientific data is use to make the work environment safer and more comfortable for human, and that scientific data is refer to anthropometric data. b) ANTHROPOMETRICS

Anthropometric is the study of the human body and its movements, it also involves collecting statistics or measurements relevant to the human body, called Ant...

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