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Privacy On Internet Essay

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Privacy Issues
Mark Lopez
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Sander Eller
January 22, 2013

In today's generation, Internet and technology has been revolutionizing a person's daily life. It includes a daily check-in in places a person goes or a status update on what a person has been doing through Facebook. Surveillance cameras scattered in every place other than your home or publics restrooms. The lack of privacy brings danger to innocent citizens.

Jayne De Leon, 17 years old, born in Aug. 21, 1995, lives in Las Vegas and is currently single. She draws good art and is a student in this school. If curious enough that anybody would look her up on the Internet, her Facebook profile will show up. She can simply be added on Facebook then her entire life will flash through on their eyes. This is an example how fragile our privacy has become. Anybody has an access to anyone's personal profile.

The privacy erosion started when the terrorists attacked us 12 years ago. The 9/11 event was the game-changer of the people's privacy. The Patriot Act that President George W. Bush signed gave the Government the power to increase their surveillance of the citizens ("The USA PATRIOT Act: Preserving Life...

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