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Team A: Kudler Fine Foods
Alan McKinney, Chris Rutman, and Russell Moore
May, 5 2014
Emily Jones
Team A: Kudler Fine Foods
Kudler Foods, INC is a fine food grocery store, or market, similar to Sprouts, Henrys and Whole Foods, and their focus is higher quality foods, top notch customer service, and pristine stores. They are privately owned and operated with its food sourced from the same kind of locally owned and high end food vendors. They are completely supported by the local communities, and Kudler does not provide products to large events or local restaurants. Kudler is currently not using its website to its full potential as it needs to inform the consumer of what separates them from the rest of the retailers like themselves. The current purpose of Kudler’s website is to simply let the population know they exist. There are generic pictures of food and a basic list of the services they offer. This would be fine if their large corporate competition did not offer more insight into what happens in each retail location on a daily basis. In order to gather the clientele needed, Kudler’s website needs to offer a daily list of activities as well as an updated list of seasonal and fresh foods available at each location. This new website along with a strong presence on websites like Yelp, Google Reviews and Facebook will allow the clientele they wish to come and visit Kudler. The first step in this process is to create a website that is pleasant to visit and educational to their customer base.

The design team hopes to incorporate more of the quality products Kudler offers and allow the customers to know what is in season and available fresh in the stores. This will be done by expanding on the subpages already available on the website by adding before and after pictures, recipe ideas, and the most current items available. The subpages that will need to expand are meat and seafood, bakery, deli, and produce. Kudler will also need to introduce a floral portion to the website now, and add a supplement and vitamin subpage sometime down the road. The team also hopes to incorporate a schedule on to the website where patrons can see when certain events are being held, like cooking classes, wine tastings and food pairing classes. They will also have events from Certified Butchers to show customers how to cut and cook meat properly. Professional floral arrangers will be available to help customers select the correct arrangement for their event. This will engage the consumer and allow them to get a feel and taste of why the food sold at Kudler’s is of a higher quality than that of a typical grocery outlet.

Some key design criteria was agreed upon by the design team and include the following: visual and color scheme, websites purp...

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