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Andrew Lloyd Webber The Man Of Essay

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Andrew Lloyd Webber: Man of the Modern Musical

With over forty-five awards and honors, the musicals of Andrew Lloyd Webber have had a magical effect on people around the world. Still, the question remains: how exactly did Andrew Lloyd Webber's musicals affect the modern theater we see today? Well, the modern musical wouldn't exist if not for Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Even as a child, Lloyd Webber was bound to be involved with the world of music. His parents, William Lloyd and Jean Hermione, were a composer and instrumentalist respectively. Not to mention that his younger brother, Julian Lloyd Webber, is an accomplished solo cellist.

At a young age, Andrew was taught to play a multitude of instruments. Whether it be the violin, piano, or French horn, Andrew learned them. In fact, at the age of nine, he had compose a suite of six pieces. Still, that wasn't what made little Andrew the person he is today.

The person we can accredit the Andrew Lloyd Webber we know today is his Aunt Viola. Andrew was fascinated with putting on little “productions” in a toy theater with his aunt and brother. Viola would also take Andrew to various theaters wear the productions she was working in were taking place in.

Andrew continued growing up and when he reached college, he was accepted into Oxford College to study history, but he quit after a year of studying. It was around this time that he met lyricist Tim Rice. It was also at this time that Andrew Lloyd Webber made his first footsteps into the world of success in musical theater.

The duo of Rice and Lloyd Webber teamed up together and wrote a musical entitled The Likes Of Us, based on the true story of philanthropist Thomas John Barnardo. The two searched for backing for the musical, but could find none. Even though the musical's first performance would be delayed until 2005, it was the start of a long work relationship between...

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