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Assignment 3: Serious Weblog (Part 2)
(Media/ Publishing issues)
Choose 4 issues (news articles below).
Length per posting: Max. 350 words each.

Decide on an angle (one focused topic) you want to write about for each posting after reading the four chosen news articles. Orthodox Jewish paper apologises for Hillary Clinton deletion 1. Discussion concepts: Visuals & situational/ cultural context; ethical publishing principles; photojournalism ethics New York paper Di Tzeitung removed Clinton from a photograph of Barack Obama and his staff monitoring the Bin Laden raid

A photograph of Barack Obama and his staff that was digitally altered to remove Hillary Clinton and Audrey Tomason. Photograph: Seth Wenig/AP An Orthodox Jewish newspaper has apologised for digitally deleting an image of US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, from a photograph of Barack Obama and his staff monitoring the raid by navy Seals that killed Osama bin Laden. Brooklyn weekly Di Tzeitung, which says it does not publish images of women, printed the doctored image last Friday. It issued a statement saying its photo editor had not read the "fine print" accompanying the White House photograph that forbade any changes. The newspaper said it has sent its "regrets and apologies" to the White House and the US department of state. The counterterrorism director, Audrey Tomason, was also deleted from the photo, which captured a historic moment in the decade-long US effort to apprehend the mastermind of the September 11 attacks. The original photo with Clinton and Tomason. Photograph: The White House/Getty Images Di Tzeitung said it has a "long standing editorial policy" of not publishing women's images. It explained that its readers "believe that women should be appreciated for who they are and what they do, not for what they look like, and the Jewish laws of modesty are an expression of respect for women, not the opposite". The weekly said Clinton, a Democrat who represented New York state as a US senator, had won overwhelming majorities in the Orthodox Jewish communities because they "appreciated her unique capabilities, talents and compassion for all". Di Tzeitung, published in Yiddish, is sold at city newsstands, especially in Brooklyn's Williamsburg and Borough Hall neighbourhoods, which have many Orthodox Jewish residents. It acknowledged it "should not have published the altered picture". An editor at a Manhattan weekly that has covered Jewish issues since the 1890s addressed why the Brooklyn newspaper might have altered the image. The Forward's managing editor, Lil Swanson, said that removing women from photographs is "in keeping with" the belief of some ultra-Orthodox Jews that showing images of the female form is "immodest". In the original photograph of the White House situation room, Obama and his national security team are gathered around a table, following in real time the operation that culminated in the killing of Bin Laden at his Pakistani compound on 1 May. The White House, which issued the photo, had no comment on Monday on the removal of the women from it.

How Social Media Is Keeping the Egyptian Revolution Alive
by Tanja Aitamurto, September 13, 2011
This piece was co-written by Hanna Sistek.
2. Discussion concepts:; depth, interactivity & immediacy; social media & citizen-journalism; public sphere of democracy & cultural chaos; web 3.0, crowdsourcing CAIRO -- The revolution in Egypt is unfinished business. While new online tools are used to strengthen civil society, activists are still struggling with the digital divide when it comes to mobilizing masses against the army and the remains of the old administration. On a Saturday evening in Cairo, a digital campaign against military trials for civilians is on. Activists are posting comments on the Facebook site of the Egyptian Armed Forces, whose Supreme Council -- the SCAF -- holds power in Egypt. SCAF took over after President Hosni Mubarak was ousted in the revolution in February. Human rights groups claim that 10,000 civilian Egyptians have faced military trials since the uprisings began -- which is more than during the Mubarak regime. The campaign was announced on a Facebook page and about 8,000 participants have joined. After bombarding the SCAF's site with comments for 15 minutes, the crowd moved on to criticizing the ministries' sites. After a while, an official closed the comments sections on the Facebook sites. Activists continued the discussion, however, on Twitter with the hashtag #nomiltrials. "Twitter and Facebook are the ways we keep the momentum going. We protect and defend people. We campaign there," said Salma el Daly, an Egyptian videoblogger. From Tahrir Square to Twitter

She, like the other Egyptian activists, is not happy with the proceedings after the spring uprising. The old regime is still in power, and the army has its foot on the neck of the country. Not so much has changed since Mubarak left, and many view the revolution as an unfinished chapter. "But we will make the change happen. It is only a matter of time," she said. As the military has closed Tahrir Square from demonstrations, smaller protests are happening elsewhere in Cairo. Facebook pages, such as We are all Khaleed Said, with more than 1.6 million followers, are used for spreading the message about protests and campaigns. "The Khaleed Said page is a machine now. Almost everything that is posted there goes viral instantly," said Adel Iskandar, a media scholar from Georgetown University who specializes in the Middle East. But just like during the uprising, online activism is merely one way of protesting. It is more crucial to get boots on the ground, and activists on the streets. The April 6 Movement, one of the central organizations behind the revolution, arranges protests in several parts of Cairo. Five minutes from Tahrir Square, young Egyptian activists gather for TweetNadwas, a series of online and offline meetings, to discuss the next steps in campaigning. The rise of citizen journalism

A TweetNadwa. Photo by Hanna Sistek.
In the latest TweetNadwa, the topic was citizen journalism, and in the warm evening in Cairo, seasoned tweeps and bloggers shared tips for efficient use of mobile phones for footage and pictures. Among the participants was an influential group of Egyptian bloggers -- many who write under pseudonyms and are largely known solely by their Twitter handles. Some among the digital elite are concerned about the small amount of Egyptians following Twitter and Facebook. An estimated 10 percent of 80 million Egyptians are on Facebook. "The link between citizen journalism and mainstream media is crucial," said Gigi Ibrahim, one of the prominent revolutionaries at the TweetNadwa, also known as a blogger called the Angry Egyptian. Ibrahim also gathers pictures of accused human rights violators on Piggipedia, which is a Flickr collection of pictures of policemen, soldiers, and other officialdom. One strategy for the change is to make wrongdoings in society visible, and "crowdpower" is a way to make this happen; there is a TortureMap for crowdmapping torture and another one for corruption.

Kamal Sedra is a digital activist working with Ushahidi maps. Photo by Hanna Sistek. "Transparency is a weapon against corruption. The more information there is about the span of the problem, the bigger possibility there is for a change. And when people know which police stations are corrupted, they can be prepared for that and, for example, hide video cameras and shoot incidents at the station," said Kamal Sedra, a digital activist. Sedra is the managing director of DISC, or the Development & Institutionalization Support Center in Egypt. He has set up crowdmapping efforts several countries in the Middle East by using the open-source crowdmapping platform Ushahidi. In Egypt, he has set up a site for citizen monitoring of the elections. It allows citizens to report from their polling stations by SMS or online. Social media to fund the change

Crowdfunding initiatives in Egypt also have been organized through social media. In an online event called Tweetback, Egyptians gathered funds for humanitarian projects. Companies, non-profits and individuals were invited to donate. In return for funds, the most prominent Egyptian digital activists tweeted about the companies' charity initiatives to their hundreds of thousands of followers. Tweetback raised 2 million Egyptian pounds (more than $330,000), and the money was directed to support an impoverished neighborhood in Cairo. However successful some of the online campaigns are, the Egyptian activists are facing serious challenges as the revolutionary 18 days this spring are drifting further away. Egyptians are getting tired of ongoing restlessness and protests, and the unity of the country is diminishing as religious minori...

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