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Website plan |
[1220HSL Information Systems for Service Industries] |
Course Convener: Jason HardingTutor: Shaun ShaoStudent Name: Amanda JinStudent ID: S2853923 |


1.0 Introduction 2
2.0 Business background 2
3.0 Business Goals 3
4.0 Website Goals 3
5.0 Target Audience 3
6.0 Forecasted User Environments 4
7.0 Competitor Website Analysis 4
8.0 Website Temple Designs 6
9.0 Website Storyboard / Content 8
10.0 User Tasks 9
11.0 Development Tools 9
12.0 Process Analysis 10
13.0 Marketing Techniques 10
14.0 Conclusion 11
15.0 Reference 12

1.0 Introduction
With the development of technology, nowadays the influence of website cannot be imagined. So every hotel needs its own home page. Because the website is a good opportunity to provide customers an excellent online experience (Musante, Michael D;Bojanic, David C; Zhang, Jian, 2009). Therefore, NANLIAN island resort also designed a website to attract the attention of people. At the outset, there will be a brief introduction of business background of NANLIAN Island Resort. Next, business goals, website goals, target audience, website template designs, website content storyboard, website page content, user tasks, forecasted use environments, competitor website analysis, development tools, process analysis as well as marketing techniques all will be discussed in this paper. The purpose of this website plan is to create a perfect website to attract more travellers and offer basic service for customers. 2.0 Business background

NANLIAN Island Resort has a long history, established in 1963. After the changes of times, nowadays it has become a very famous resort from all over the world. It has a brilliant location, which is located in Moreton Island-the third largest sand island in the world, Brisbane, Australia. Therefore each room has invincible sea view. NANLIAN Island Resort is a natural attraction and the unspoiled beauty of Moreton Island, together with the resort’s superior facilities, offers a complete leisure experience. The business is targeted at all ages, such as family, young people, old people and international customers. Different types of accommodations aim to different customers’ need. There are six types of accommodations, hotel rooms, resort units, resort suite, beachfront villas, holiday houses and deep blue luxury apartments. NANLIAN Island Resort focus on service for customers, it also cooperate with some international agencies and then set up a long-term friendship cooperation to ensure the occupancy of every day. 3.0 Business Goals

Business goals should be achieved as following:
Non-financial goals
* Set up posi...

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