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Website Structure

Website Structure
There are three different types of website structures which are Linear, Tiered, and Webbed. The purpose and complexity of the website, typically dictates what type of website structure you might use. A linear website is a simple webpage typically used if you have one product to sell or just need a one page sales site. You might also using linear website structure if your website focused on teaching people step-by-step how to do one thing through an instructional video. A linear website structure might also be used for a long story, use or a narrative. It’s been my experience that most linear webpages are typically converted to a tiered or web website structure as the website is popular and/or useful. It’s important to remember that a linear website the website where each page needs to another webpage so that there is a logical and linear progression of information. There might be a fork in the structure, with each leg of the fork will then be linear in nat...

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