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Evolution Of Shopping Trends Internet Gains Essay

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Shoppers in Hong Kong are using the Internet to find the best shopping deals Global Retail Study reveals that shoppers are on the lookout for greater value and are spending time online searching for promotions and discounts Microsoft Advertising and Aegis Media surveyed 19,000 consumers across 17 markets across the world to find out:  How the recession has changed the way people shop, and if these changes have a lasting effect;  The extent to which digital channels have changed the decision making cycle among today’s shoppers;  How shopping trends are evolving. The study zeroed in on four key retail sectors – groceries, apparel, home electronics, and fast food. Hong Kong – key data points Hong Kong shoppers demand greater value  33 per cent of Hong Kong shoppers said that they are using discount coupons more often than before  29 per cent admitted that price is be...

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