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Grammar and

Web page Evaluation Rubric
Created for CS102-1L Web Design Principles
Mapua Institute of Technology
This rubric was partially based on the rubric created from Needs Improvement
Very Good
Information is
 Information is not
 Information is accurate,
inaccurate, incomplete
always accurate,
and most is complete
or outdated
complete or current
and current
Facts do not came from  Facts came from
 Facts usually came from
reliable sources or
questionable sources
reliable sources which
sources are not
are clearly identified
 Content lacks sense of
purpose or central
 Content is usually
Purpose is unclear
related to larger
Content focuses
 Content focuses on
entirely on
fundamental concepts
 Content provides some
fundamental concepts;
and rarely engages
activities which
no provision for moving
students in higher
encourage higher levels
students to higher
levels of thinking;
of thinking; students
levels of thinking by
students are rarely
are frequently asked to
applying what is
asked to apply what
apply what they have
they have learned
Some grammatic...

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10 100 15 1l 20 30 5 50 69 70 89 90 abl abort absent access accur activ alway anim appear appli appreci appropri ask aspect assist avail background base basic better beyond browser came cannot case central clear color common compat complement complet compon concept conflict confus consist construct content context creat cs102 cs102-1l current design difficult direct disorgan document download eas easi effect effort encourag engag enhanc entir error evalu excel execel explor fact fail featur find focus frequent fundament get goal good grammar grammat graphic gratuit hard head help higher identifi illog improv inaccur inappropri incompat incomplet inconsist ineffect inform instal institut instruct intend internet intuit lack larger layout learn learner legibl level link logic mapua minim most move mozilla multimedia navig necessari need neglig occasion often one optim organ outdat page paragraph part partial place pleas point poor present principl proper provid provis punctuat purpos question rare read reader refer relat reliabl render resourc result rubric scale screen seem sens site softwar sometim somewhat sourc specif spell state student subhead superflu support technic technolog text theme think time total unclear unpredict unrel unreli usabl use user usual view way web websit well well-construct well-organ wellconstruct work