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Internet Addiction Essay

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Internet Addiction
Advances in technology have brought drastic changes into our everyday lives. Not too long ago, telephones were hung on walls, facts were found in books, and people had to take a trip to a record store if they wanted to buy the latest music (“Top 25: Technological Breakthroughs”). These simple tasks now seem prehistoric to us and too much of a hassle to accomplish. We are now living in the 21st century, and we have put that lifestyle behind us. Technological advances have made it possible for us to access all of that and more just by reaching into our pockets! All of these burgeoning technologies have definitely made life easier; however, has the growth of such technology affected us in anyway? The Internet is one of the many areas in which technology has advanced and is also something that the world revolves around. It helps get things done much faster and more efficiently. However, this luxury is misused so excessively that it interferes with one’s daily life and priorities. Despite the many conveniences that come with a stable Internet connection, there comes much exasperation, as well. Although Internet addiction is a growing dilemma for a range of ages, there is a particular concern for college students. For years, many schools have allocated thousands of dollars towards “wiring their classrooms, handing out laptops, and making it easier for students to log on to the Internet” (Mangan). Despite the expenses, Internet connection in the classroom is encouraged because it provides educational conveniences and advantages for students. In fact, applications of information technology in schools actually validate that technological advances have the power to improve education outcomes (Dede). Now that schools finally have these resources, an associate director of information technology reports of shocking requests fro...

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