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Comparative Checklist
Baderman Island Resort
Learning Team A
Anthony Redwanc, Terry Barnes, Ericka Cabrera, Miles Morton and Francisco Acevedo September, 8 2014
Mary Paquet

Baderman Island Resort: Comparative Checklist

I. Initial Impression
My initial impression of the Baderman Website was that it had a very clean layout, self-explanatory navigation, the ability to make reservations from the Home Page, a view photos of the resort, an employee login link, and a “New Features” area towards the bottom of the page. I then noticed that there was no Contact Information or link for the site at the bottom of the Home Page. I also noticed that if you click on the “Amenities” drop-down and select either Oasis Spa or Recreation Center, at the bottom of the respected pages it says “Call for reservations!” yet there is no contact number to do so. The website also had a Guest Blog section that displays guests’ reactions to various areas of service. Lastly, I noticed that the “Virtual Tour” wasn’t virtual at all. You select an “area” of the resort and it displays a page of information regarding the area you selected. All in all, my impression of the website was mixed, I liked the ...

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