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Case Studyanalysiswebservicediscoveryandcompositionusingusdl Essay

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Case-Study Analysis: Web Service Discovery and
Composition using USDL



Service discovery and service composition constitute challenging tasks of service provisioning. Service composition is especially gaining importance, as it can produce new composite services with features not present in the individual services. Many methods have been proposed over the years to address these issues. In this paper, will be discussed some aspects and conclusions about the analysis of the paper: “Web Service Discovery and Composition using USDL”. The mainly reason for choosing this topic was because I've had another course unit at this master's, called Enterprise Application Integration/Integração de Sistemas, where some aspects about Web-services were discussed then I got some curiosity about it, so I'm using this practical work to learn more about the subject.


The Problem

For web-services to become practical, an infrastructure needs to be supported that allows users and applications to discover, deploy, compose and synthesize services automatically. The next milestone in the Web's evolution is making services ubiquitously available. As automation increases, these web-services will be accessed directly by the applications themselves rather than by humans.

The authors of the analyzed paper needed to develop an implementation of an automatic service discovery and composition engine, that implementation was used for the WS-Challenge 2006 (original event geared towards the management of web-services).


The Solution

To achieve what was described previously, they needed a semantics-based approach such that applications can reason about a service's capability to a level of detail that permits their discovery and composition. In the analyzed paper they present the design of a software system for automatic service discovery and composition. In the

analyzed paper they presented the design of a software system for automatic service discovery and composition. The system uses web service descriptions written in USDL (Universal Service-Semantics Description Language) and the software was writte...

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