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Project Proposal On An Internet Cafe Essay

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1. Executive Summary
Cheetahs’ Internet café
With fast appreciation of technology amongst the people of Zimbabwe, an insatiable need for access to internet has spread out across all societies in Zimbabwe. This has seen mushrooming of internet cafes in different parts of the nation. It is this mismatch between vast demand for internet services and few players in the market that has attracted me into seeking lines of credit in order to fill in the gap. Researches have arrived at a conclusion that implies that existing internet cafes are providing shoddy services; hence it is the prerogative of Cheetahs Internet café to provide quality services that clients deserve. To complement this, the café will provide, in addition to internet surfing, photocopying, printing, typing, laminating, scanning, graphic designs and software installations to make it a one stop shop.

1.1 Objectives
• Attain consistent profitability, thus laying the basis for sustainability. • Create access to the information, learning opportunities, and communications media of the Internet, within the host community. • Grow community members’ familiarity with abstract computing and Internet concepts. • Give community members the opportunity to self-teach specialized skills such as academic research techniques, email and instant messaging, and usage of word processor and spreadsheet software. • Create a physical space for future development projects in the community. • Enrich communication between residents of Bulawayo and the South African diaspora by delivering access to affordable voice calls through Skype services. • Generate sufficient revenue to allow physical expansion, offering the potential to replicate the same development objectives in surrounding areas. 1.2Keys to success

The internet café will be a great success because there are very few internet cafés which provide a one-stop shop,(exact number remains unknown) in the area and therefore the Cheetahs Cafe will have its own monopoly as far as provision of high profile service is concerned.

1.3 Missions
The mission of our internet-café is to make the internet available to a greater population. In such a way that people will have access to all the sources which can be found on the internet. Thereby the café is supposed to be a place where people of all ages will come to enjoy the unique, upscale, educational, and innovative environment that the internet-café provides.

1.4 Risks
The main risks in establishing any business at all is always the demand. Will there be enough demand for my product, will there be enough interest in it? Won't we go bankrupt due to lack of interest? These risks are also present in the soon to come internet café, the population may not be interested in spending money to go online. Also, will the popularity of the internet sustain, in order for the people to maintain their interests in the internet and the internet café. And foremost, will there be a profit?

2 Company
The internet-café which will be realized will offer the community of Bulawayo easy and affordable access to the internet. The internet-café will appeal to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. The instructional inte...

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