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Understanding our Environment

Chapter 01
Lecture Outline
William P. Cunningham
University of Minnesota

Mary Ann Cunningham
Vassar College

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Environment Defined


Environment Conditions that surround an organism or
group(s) of organisms
 Complex of social or cultural conditions that
affect an individual or community

Environmental Science is the systematic study of
our environment as well as our proper role in it

- Natural Science
- Social Science
- Humanities



Many kinds of knowledge contribute to our
understanding in Environmental Science

Human Population is >
7.1 Billion




Current Conditions

What impact does a population
of 7 billion have on the

Climate Change: burning fossil fuels causes
global climate change.

Food: food is inequitably distributed across the
globe and 2/3 of agricultural lands show signs of

Water: may be the most critical resource in the
21st century.



Signs of Hope

Energy: fossil...

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