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February 4, 2014
Sociology 1000
Chapter 1- In Text Questions

1.How do the perspectives of people from different cultures differ on social issues such as suicide? How does the psychological perspective view suicide? What is unique about the sociologist's perspective?

On a social issue such as suicide, cultures differ because many people feel this is a personal problem whereas others feel that this can be a public issue. If a person commits suicide, it may have been as a result of his or her personal problems. In a larger society, this suicide is a public issue because the person who committed suicide is not the only one that may be affected. Sociologist Emile Durkheim perspective of suicide was that the issue was related to cohesiveness in society. He viewed it as an act that can be understood only by studying individual personalities or inherited tendencies. Durkheim said that a high suicide rate was symptomatic of large scale societal problems.

2.How do you think learning about sociology could help you be more successful as an employee, friend, spouse, parent, neighbor or citizen?
Learning about sociology can help me to be more successful as an employee, friend, spouse, parent, neighbor or citizen...

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