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Web Based Tools For Electronic Commerce Essay

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CS160 Chapter 3: Web-based tools for Electronic Commerce 3-2
Chapter OutlineWeb Server Hardware and Performance Evaluation •
Making Host or Not Host Decisions

Web Platform Choices

Web Server Performance EvaluationWeb Server Software Feature sets •
Core Capabilities1. Security2. FTP3. Searching (Engines)4. Data Analysis •
Site Management1. Application Construction2. Dynamic Content •
Site Development

Electronic CommerceWeb Server Software and Tools

Apache HTTP Server

Microsoft Internet Information Server

Netscape Enterprise Server

O’Reilly’s WebSite Professional ServerOther Web Server Tools •
Web portals

Search Engines

Push Technologies

Intelligent Agents

Chapter 3: Web based tools for Electronic Commerce CS160 3-3
Web Server Hardware and Performance Evaluation 
The first and most critical consideration facing most firms expanding into e-commerce is whether to run the server in-house or contract with an outsideserver. The advantages to using an outside server are: •

Client firm does not have to provide expensive hardware/softw...

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