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. Introduction

​International Trade is increasingly becoming a fast – paced environment as it has given birth to a new economy through a technological revolution. New technologies are reshaping and impacting international trade, one of these is the Internet. The Internet is becoming a key platform for commerce that is increasingly happening between buyers and sellers located in different countries, thereby driving international trade. Additionally, as the Internet enables cross-border data flows that also underpinning global economic integration and international trade.

​The Internet has revolutionized how individuals and businesses conduct their affairs. Selling and buying through internet or commonly called online trading is the fastest growing method of trading worldwide specifically in the Philippines. Despite the growing significance of the internet for international trade, the governments are restricting the Internet in ways that reduce the ability of businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals to use the Internet as a place for international commerce or online trading. Some of these restrictions used to achieve legitimate goals such as preventing cybercrime or restricting access to morally offensive content.

​This paper discusses the impact of Internet in the Philippines as a means of business communication to international trade, and more specifically Online trading. It explains the cross-border data flows and gives advantages and disadvantages of online trading on international trade, government restrictions and some of international trade rules and norms.

. Statement of the Research Problem
​This research will focus on the impact of the Internet as a means of business communication in the Philippines to international trade arena. This research attempted to answer the following questions:

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Internet in the Philippine market? 2. What are the risks or dangers of Online trading?
3. What are the negative and positive impacts of internet on businesses in the Philippines? 4. How does online trading affect offline businesses in the Philippines?
. Statement of the Research Objectives
​This research aimed to information on the impact of Internet as a means of business communication in the Philippines to international trade arena. The researchers attempted to achieve the following:

1. To know what are the advantages and disadvantages of internet in the Philippine market. 2. To know what are the risks or dangers of Online trading.
3. To know the negative and positive impacts of internet on businesses in the Philippines 4. To know how online trading affect offline businesses in the Philippines.

​There are several studies made in the Impact of Internet in the Philippines as a means of business communication to International Trade Arena. This research will benefit the following:
D.1 – Individuals
Trading online is efficient for an individual working from home can now advertise produce their own website and sell their products worldwide. They can find clients worldwide by the use of internet as their communication. And using not much of their time they can also do household chores while advertising their products. D.2 – Businesses

​Trading online making possible to the businesses to reach other countries while decreasing the cost of retailing methods. Al...

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