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What relations do you see between what Max Weber defined as the “Protestant Ethic” and what social psychologists describe as achievement motivation to counter act Puritanism. Use specific examples from your text. Make sure you include who(m) you are quoting. In "Asceticism and the Spirit of Capitalism," Max Weber explains how the Protestant work ethic can be double jeopardy. Weber also argues that religious groups like Calvinists played an influential role in the capitalistic spirit. He goes on to say that individuals believe self righteousness is powerful. Weber argues that everyone should be living an ascetic lifestyle and follow the calling of god. Weber uses Calvinistic principles to stress the importance of using self denial to practice a routine in order to avoid “temptation,” which means laziness and enjoyment of life once a person acquires wealth. However, Weber claims “enjoyment is a sign of idleness," and the writer strongly disagrees with Weber's view. People who are working hard and giving time to God daily should not be condemned from enjoying their own lifestyle.

However, Weber’s ideology, of the Protestant ethic describe that an individual should do the work unto God, or play a part in giving back to society as a “common good." Weber, use Puritanism, has a form of contradiction,“Wealth is thus bad ethically only in so far as it is a temptation to idleness and sinful enjoyment of life and its acquisition are bad only when it is with.....”(Weber,115). How can Weber believe that the more successful a person is at his job, the more god would like him?. Unfortunately, Weber's Theory is a bit confusing because wealth sometimes does allow people stray from their religious beliefs. According to Weber, having ownership within capitalism does enable excessive wealth. This approach relates negatively to a person's willingness to give back to society “Gods calling”. Weber quotes, “I fear whenever riches have increased, the essence of religion has decreased in the same proportion.... “How is it possible in the nature of things, for any revival of true religion to continue... “But riches increase, so will pride, anger and love of the world in all branches..” (Weber,123). Weber's explanation of this quote describe what was once "God's wealth” is now greed. Asceticism, now allow individuals to keep acquiring more wealth, which eventually will strip, them of their real religious beliefs of the  "common good".

David McClelland describe that achievement motivation is a persons desire and their ability to perform well in society according to their social environment. McC...

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