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Internet S Impact Essay

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Asian Social Science

Vol. 6, No. 8; August 2010

Internet Culture Influence and Strategy for Political
and Ideological Education
Li Gao
Dept. of Automobile Engineering, Dezhou University
Dezhou 253023, Shandong, China
E-mail: [email protected]
As Internet appears and develops, it creates a totally new network environment. Internet culture has become an important section of college students’ daily life. The paper analyzes the influence of internet culture on political and ideological education, and expounds the ways to do the ideological and political work for college students via network

Keywords: Internet culture, College students, Political and ideological education 21st century is a networked and digitized high-technology age, the information revolution cored by Internet has entered university campus, whose popularization and widely-use has broaden the horizon of the students and brought convenience to their daily life and study. In spite of that, its harmful aspects have hugely influenced the students on their thought, values and behaviors which adds much more difficulty to the ideological and political education. It’s an important task, which all the educators have to face, to intensify the exploration of university students’ ideological and political education and educate the students according to the features of the Internet. 1. Challenge that the feature of Internet makes for college students’ ideological and political education The feature of Internet makes it a challenge for the educators to use the Internet to carry out educational work. We should well-know them so as to well-control and develop them, then devise scientific, plentiful, ideological and aim-focused educating plan.

1.1 It is open. The Internet connects all the corners on earth, it does not influenced by habitant area, race, sex, age, religious belief, political position, value and custom. People can surf the Internet freely. Up till now, Internet has permeated every corner of university campus, university is no more enclosed study place, using Internet to gain knowledge, send massages, and communicate emotion has popularized among more and more students. Due to the openness of Internet information, tremendous and various information pass to the students directly which in return impact the thoughts of students and the traditional ideological education of the educators. 1.2 It is anonymous, which complicates the thoughts of ...

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