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Web Based Information System Essay

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Online is the condition of being connected to a network of computers or other devices. The term is frequently used to describe someone who is currently connected to the internet. Information system is an integrated set of components for collecting, storing, processing, and communicating information. Business firms, other organizations, and individuals in contemporary society rely on information systems to manage their operations, compete in the marketplace, supply services, and augment personal lives. For instance, modern corporations rely on computerized information systems to process financial accounts and manage human resources; municipal governments rely on information systems to provide basic services to its citizens; and individuals use information systems to study, shop, bank, and invest. An information system (IS) can be defined as "a set of inter-related components working together to collect, retrieve, process, store and distribute information in order to facilitate the planning, control, coordination, analysis and decision making in companies and other organizations. Being a student of Philippine College of Science and Technology, it is an opportunity, privilege and pride to feature Mother Lourdes Learning School in the Website since it is the sister company of our Alma Mater. The researchers believed that MLLS is an ideal tool in our study considering its greatest achievements in a span of 7 years.

We are aware of the developmental need in the Online Information System aside from the fact that we are Computer Science students. It is essential that we should be exposed in the actual application of knowledge in line with the course through research. This has encouraged the researchers to create and design an Online Information System of MLLS. In order for the MLLS’s clientele to be updated about the news, activities and dreams of the school, it is our desire to create its Online Information System to market and make it more competent. This study was designed to serve as an interface between people and the organization hence alumna of this school was included. Through this system the school itself and its alumni will have an opportunity and a chance to connect within their reach. We are looking forward that this system will become one of the effective marketing tools for the institution not only in terms of its program but will also contribute for its achievements. In this study the researchers aimed to create an Online Information System of Mother Lourdes Learning School and inform the clientele about the MLLS’s objectives, mission and vision, services rendered and its qualifications in terms of educational attainment. Likewise, this system also features its physical and internal facilities. Review of Related Literature

Local Literature
According to Web Dot Com Website Development Phils., Inc (2010),”The website has been proven to be one of the most effective advertising and marketing tools in the current business environment. This is why it can no longer be ignored by any small or medium sized business or professional individual. In any field, the market is already saturated with people who are so internet savvy that they actually assess the good standing of a business or professional practice by its ability to present a credible and secure website.”

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