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Activity 12.2 - Compose a Persuasive Essay Final Draft

The internet is one of the best inventions in this century
My mother, my brother and I went to my uncle’s house to pick up a letter and some pictures that my father mailed to us from Israel, probably weeks ago (he has been working there for almost 7 months.) He would also call us at my uncle’s home phone. It was a cold Saturday night, but when I finally listened at my father voice, I felt warm and overwhelmed. He talked about his work, the city where he lives, the weather, about the people, what they eat, etc. Talking to him and watching his pictures I felt closer to that place which was on the other side of the planet. The advances in technology, in transportation, in communication, and finally the internet were so amazing and faster than anybody could imagine. Our youngest won’t believe there was a time when we used to send letters that took weeks to be received; there was a time when people who were away did not have the opportunity to see each other for months. Instant mailing, chatting, talking was simply impossible! All of these fast, cheap, accessible tools and advantages are thanks to the internet – on...

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