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Nokia Website Analysis Essay

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Through the World Wide WebNokia is able to reach all of these countries and provide these countries with valuable information that can be used to make purchase and investment decisions. However, for Nokia to be successful through their website, Nokia must pay particular attention to five different dimensions, which are: · Aesthetic appeal · Interactiveness · Currency · Information Value · User Friendliness The purpose of this report is to analyze Nokia's website based on these five dimensions.

Aesthetic Appeal Nokia's main homepage consists of a white, blue, and black color scheme and a graphical interface that is easy to use. The use of little color and a purposeful design of the website help the viewer browse the website easily and without overwhelming, intricate designs or fancy color schemes. One of the key successes of any company website is how well their website is designed and what colors are used to attract customers as well as potential investors. Simplicity along with a tasteful color scheme and a thoroughly contemplated design is key to the success of a website. Although Nokia's website was very simplistic compared to many other company websites, it was well ...

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