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Design Specification For Website Essay

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Introduction: In many companies website considered as representative face of company. Good website attracts many clients. Bad website make vice versa. My schools website is not so good. This may lead to repulsion of potential students, because their parents may not like school website. In CT, our aim is to improve schools website. It needs improvement in all fields, especially in tablets. However, this is not the only problem. In order to understand what possible problems are I investigated website. I found out many problems which I will change in Style and layout. Also, I began to investigate other websites in order to find good tips. I used my previous schools website (BOTL) and my next schools website (Clifton College). I found many useful things in there. Proposed domain: (could be other if this will be busy) Style and Layout: Estimated size for the website is 980x2800. Colours of website will be red and white also frame of site should be larger. All pages on the website should have logo of Danube International School...

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