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Capstone Project Web Based Library Management Essay

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Capstone Project Proposal

Project Title

Online Library Management system of ACLC College


Submitted by

Kevin Comique
Dion Rae De la Cruz
Jessie Wayne Ramirez


Submitted to

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) Program


November 28, 2014

Capstone Project Proposal


Kevin Comique
Dion Rae De la Cruz
Jessie Wayne Ramirez

Project Title:

Online Library Management System of ACLC College

Project Description:

The library has been around for years; where ever we go we see books. Libraries are designed to give people a place where they can read books in a convenient way. By which we mean, when people are in the library they are given a variety of choices. But that was before the internet was created hence the availability of eBooks and PDFs not hindering people from reading books, not hobby per say but a necessity as well to read a particular book without going to a library.

Through this observation, the researchers came up with the idea of developing and implementing a system where in people can read books where ever they may be through the use of internet. The proposed system will serve the user in many ways through a speedy and dependable system.

We the researchers chose our school, ACLC College of Tacloban to be the respondent of this proposed project.

The researchers do not mean to abolish or replace the library of the school because that is not possible, instead the group wants to enhance the management of the books in the library, suffice the lacking books and increase the student’s productivity. It is more likely that the group will be creating a library inside a computer therefore the process will still be the same, putting the same categories and grouping the books as to which the book will fall on to such as history, literature, fiction, etc. Books have their unique code that serves as its identity using the Dewey decimal system; the books are stored in the database through the use of the said code, its title of course, author and category. The librarian who logs in as the admin will upload this “eBooks” and “pdf’s”, keep records on borrowed and returned books, keep track on the status of books, place books in a reserve list if need be. Since books are still available in the library, students who borrow or return the books shall have records, the librarian inputs the code of the book and at the same time it appears to the student’s profile. Hence the librarian will update the status of the book. There is another user, the students who logs on as a user, but before they log in the have to register first and input the details required. After they register, the students can now read books online. Project Rationale

It has been observed that the users and operators anticipate for future development thinking that technology marks the end of manual operations. At the library of ACLC College, manual procedures are still followed, thus the researcher proposed to automate the process in order to reduce human errors to eventually increase the productivity of both the librarian and the student.

The researchers planned to develop an online library management system they believe would ease the work and improve the library’s management. It will certainly reduce stress, consumption of time, money and effort. Human errors will be lessened and users, either students or librarians will enjoy a more carefree environment making the said system highly recommended.

Basically, the librarian and the students will benefit from this project. To the librarian of the school, she will be greatly benefitted with this Online Library Management System because she will no longer need to manually process every transaction and the system automatically load the eBooks online once the guest wants to read the desired book. All she got to do is to add the book and its other details such as book title, book author, etc. and it will be saved to the system’s database. To the students, they will have a more convenient time in reading books without going to the library to borrow or read books. Instead, they access the website and browse for the desired book.

Personal/Professional Expectations

This project would be of great help with regards to preparing ourselves to what comes in the near future, after college, “what’s next?”. Through the creation of this project each of the members of the group shall learn how to work hand in hand, trust one another and establish a good communication among themselves. The group hopes to gain those values and use them when they become professionals. The project shall provide the researchers huge experience on how work is really done when they face the “real world” out there. Thus, they can now apply the experiences gained during the study and use them. And to the recipient of the project, the group hopes that the project will be of great use to them. And if so, the group then may gain relief and success. Ultimately, we are hoping that the project will come out as planned and work as it is designed to for it will determine if we are ready to do such on our own.


Prior to the proposed system many have already conducted this kind of project. What the researchers did was they try to add more features to the existing research so that it may serve other purposes. During the gathering of data the group came across to an existing project where they used Visual Basic to create the program. The system was more of an inventory. Now, we the researchers have proposed, why not make the system available online where students can read and at the same time the librarian as the admin, she can also manage the library inside the system. Similar to what the existing project where the librarian inputs her transaction to the computer, the proposed system also applies the same process but they have added books to be read on the system making an online library.

Project Goals

The project must be consistent.
The group will see to it that the project shall provide library functions and services to the students or faculty members of the school. User Friendly
Necessary book information must be presented well and organized to add user friendliness to its user. Secure
Access to the system must be easy but at the same time does not comprise the system’s security. Provide ease of work and efficiency.
Allows a faster and more accurate processing if data to reduce the librarian and her staff’s burden of work. Manageable
Through the creation of this system, the librarian can save, update, and delete books on its storage which is the database.


Let the work speak for its worth. For as long as the project serves its purpose it will be able to justify its significance. The library is essential to the school. The Online Library Management System being available online shall be of great help to the students for it is just a click away and as for the librarian she can manage inside the system such as update the roster, edit and check status of the book.

Above all the features mentioned, the web based factor pushes the project to success. We see students with smart phones, tablets and laptops everywhere in school that means students are more likely hooked in surfing the net. Thus, the system is so easy for them to access thanks to the school for providing wi-fi connection.

In this kind of system students will be more encouraged to study, in a way that they can read EBooks through the use of internet. No need to carry heavy and bulky books, with just the use of their Smartphones, tablets, and laptop it will be hustle free.

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Comments: Chapter I


As science and technology continues to advance, most of the manual tasks have been transformed into cyber net operation in order to cope up with the trend of the age. The fast pace makes any invention obsolete in a few years’ time. Today, people at work and in whatever field of the study consider the computer as a huge help. For instance, in storing and printing documents in mathematical operation, a computer could provide fast tracking work within this area, unlike in manual operation wherein access is very limited. Libraries are always present in institutions; it may be secondary, tertiary and so on. There are even public libraries which are bigger, and then there are also smaller ones like those in coffee shops. Having two campuses means having two libraries. The school library is about a size of two average rooms. They are spacious, enough room for students who want to go in and read, maybe some faculty members also who borrow books. The Online Library offers subject based electronic resources. It is offered as an additional library service to supplement collaborative centers’ library resources. Inspired by the continuing effort ra...

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