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Behind The Internet Scene Essay

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One of the booming businesses today is any business involving the internet. I

recently interviewed one Micheal Schmelder, an employee of Peripherals Plus Technologies

(PPT), to broaden my perspective on this subject. PPT is one of the largest companies in

Lancaster that serves as computer consultants, but most of all, 'internet providers' for their clients.

'We create web pages, and provide the memory space for those pages, to our clients', says


A graduate of Millersville University, Schmelder has been working at PPT since January,

1990. He works as an account manager, and provides his clients with anything that needs to be

done with a PC, including software, hardware, and networking. 'A network is a whole bunch of

computers in a company hooked up together to form a base. This provides an easy, fast way of

sharing information in the company', Schmelder explains. His biggest client is Armstrong Inc.,

where he spends most of his time when he's not in the office of Peripherals. 'Armstrong is my

biggest account. I need to constantly keep them in sync with todays growing technological

advances, which sometimes, can be real challenge', Schmelder says.

So how do these networks that companies use rela...

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