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Sign Language Website Essay

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Alyssa Nishi
Professor King
English 101
26 November 2012
EZ Sign Website
Communication in general is very important in today’s society. It is used in many occasions such as school, businesses, relationships, and personal needs. There are a lot of different forms of communication used in everyday life. This includes talking, signals, hand gestures, or simply any kind of emotion. For most people, it may be difficult to understand those who are deaf and blind through their unique form of communication. This form of communication is known as sign language. Sign language is a very important factor in communicating with those individuals who are deaf and blind. It is not only useful for the deaf and the blind understand each other, but the other individuals who help and deal with their needs everyday. Over the last few decades, sign language has also been very common and useful because it helps preverbal infants and toddlers communicate with their parents, such as asking for milk or by simply saying “yes” or “no.” Creating a website that explains the basics and structures of sign language will be useful to many people who may need to communicate easily and effectively with those who regularly use that form of communication.

This website will be called “EZ Sign.” On the main page, EZ Sign will have different tabs, which will include a lot of teaching the American Sign Language alphabet, tutorial videos, and an index of everything that is mentioned on the site. The website will also cover the history of sign language and many places and references that will also assist people learn the language. Also included on the main page will be a search bar, which will let the reader search what he or she is looking for on the site. Most of the we...

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