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The Ironic Social Theory of Max Weber: The ‘Iron Cage’
Steven Seidman

Wiley-Blackwell publishing Ltd.

Max Weber has long been recognized as one of the founders of modern sociology. He has had an immense impact on how we understand the development and nature of our capitalist society today. Looking at almost all the major world cultures, Weber was able to analyze the different factors that he believes have contributed to the modernization of our society. He is well known for his work The Protestant Ethic and Spirit of Capitalism, where he explores the link between religious Protestant ideals and the start up of capitalist culture in Europe. After analyzing the upbringing of modernization in Europe Weber investigates why similar systems failed to develop in Eastern cultures; recognizing that religion and culture are key determinants. Later he identifies that charismatic authority also has an influence on modernization since these are the leaders that threaten the existing social and political systems and form revolutions of social change. Weber notes that this constant challenge by charismatic authority will eventually subside and is succeeded by a rationally controlled bureaucracy. Bureaucracy is inevitable, spreading to all major social spheres, and although a major force of modernity it has its negative impacts. Bureaucratic systems dehumanize social interactions, reduce freedoms, and cause people to become dependent and powerless. Weber believed the only way to preserve personal freedom is through competition with other bureaucracies, and as a result he supported Capitalism over Socialism. Overall, he anticipates a very bleak future for humanity. He considers bureaucracy the evil in our society but understands it will und...

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