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How The Internet Changed Advertising Essay

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Advertising and the many forms it varies in today have been around since the beginning of sales. Advertising went from formal conversations to spreading the word to now being recognized worldwide with the Internet and even leading into many ways to make money with just online ads. Advertising is a form of the producing advertisements for products to gain recognition and sales. Advertising may come in variety of different ways, using Television, Radio broadcasting, the Internet, and even the traditional magazine. Over the years Advertising has made a big improvement from the traditional magazines, television, and radio stations used to spread the words of certain products being sold. For example Coca-Cola the beverage company has become a big company with the great and powerful use of advertising. Starting in the early 1800’s Coca-Cola started with their advertising with a simple poster type ad. Although it was not as effective as modern advertising, this really helped Coca-Cola become the longest lasting brand. Advertising involves producing advertisements for products to gain recognition from the viewer’s coming across it. The old traditional way of advertising still works fairly well but not as effective as the Internet’s effective ways of targeting certain age groups or a specific group of customers that may be interested in the product (Rosehill). Advertising became really popu...

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