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Why do we need identification?
To protect all our customers, and to prevent money laundering we must request proof of identity and address for certain parties before you open a new business account. This is required by
law. If you make any changes to an existing account, we will need to identify new signatories and all Key Account Parties. We may also carry out a search with fraud prevention and credit reference agencies.

These procedures ensure we’re not only complying with the law, but we’re doing our best to protect all of our customers. Please help us prevent financial crime.

Who will need to be identified?
All Key Account Parties need to be identified. This will
include anyone who has control or influence on the business, for example:

• Anyone who can authorise transactions verbally, in writing or electronically.

• Anyone who has injected significant capital into the business. • Anyone with a shareholding of 25% or more.
• Principal controllers/directors and shadow directors.
• New signatories to existing accounts.
Which documents are required?
If you are a UK citizen living in the UK, you can identify yourself by taking one of the following documents to your local branch:

• A current passport.
• A current full UK photo driving licence containing your present address.

• A current UK firearms certificate.
• A current UK shotgun certificate.
• A current Northern Ireland voters card.
If you are a citizen of an EU country or from one of the following countries, please take your current passport to a local branch:

• Australia
• Austria
• Belgium
• Canada
• Denmark
• Finland

• France
• Germany
• Greece
• Iceland
• Ireland
• Italy

• Japan
• Netherlands
• New Zealand
• Norway
• Poland
• Portugal


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