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WebQuest Crab Crisis
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This is a 5th grade science lesson plan about Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. Students will explore the crab crisis and the shortage on the blue crab. An extensive lesson plan will cover topics discovering how organisms interact with each other and how environmental factors contribute to changes to the ecosystem. GEM's evaluation of the lesson (Use the rubrics to evaluate how the lesson plan or assignment ranks (Be sure to give the ranking) and explain your ranking by giving specific details from the lesson plan to support what you say) THE GATEWAY TO EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS (GEM)

Educational Resource Evaluation Form
Accuracy (Ranking 5)
Evaluation of accuracy: several sentences or bullets with details from the lesson plan. (See questions in the GEM form for what to include) -The lesson plan is current and up to date. The crisis of the Chesapeake Bay is something that scientist are currently exploring. Example: students conducted a research project to find out what is happening with the blue crab shortage. -Educating the children through this lesson plan of the importance of taking care of our bay helps prevent future damages to our bay. Example: the students are learning the importance of the bay grasses. They will learn how to undo decrease in crab habitat and write a mini book to share with other students. Appropriateness (Ranking 5)


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