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Internet Assignment 1
EC400 Fundamental Electronic Commerce

October 27th, 2012

Internet Assignment 1

How is the EC world influencing in small and large firms? Everyday more and more firms are getting involved in the e-commerce world and each of them organizes its information in a different way so they can satisfy their customers. I will analyze some firms and the way their information is arranged.

1. Enter and identify the services the company provides to its customers. What type of EC is this? What business model(s) does Big-boxx use?

This company sells products that are used in the day to day activities in an office (office and school supplies). This is a business to customers (B2C) type of EC because in this model the firm sells and delivers its products directly to its customers (Khurana, n.d.). The business model that Big-boxx uses is the distributor; in this business model the company buys products directly from a manufacturer and then resale them to both, the public in general or to retail outlets (Anderson, n.d.). Since this firm sells products in big amounts it might be possible that it sells to retail outlets as well.

2.       Enter’s site ( and locate recent information in the following areas:
a.      Find the five top-selling books on EC.
b.      Find a review of one of these books and provide a summary.
c.      Review the customer services you can get from and describe the benefits you receive from shopping there.
d.      Review the products directory and provide a...

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