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Create an independent online trek search engine and trekking agency aggregator at, allowing for easy identification of suitable treks and booking of preferred trekking agents in Nepal. will deliver the following value to its end-customers: * competitively priced treks (enabled by having multiple agencies on the portal) * easy identification of a suitable trek and booking of preferred trekking agent (enabled by online trek planner and by customer reviews, respectively ) * instant booking confirmations (enabled by the trekking agencies’ online update of guide availability) * comfort when booking at the site (enabled by multiple parameters such as quality agencies; no cancellation fees; booking guarantee; price guarantee, safe payment gateways; and booking confirmation documentation dispatched to customers upon booking completion) website structure

Homepage -> trekking company search page, where the user type in: * number of trekkers
* preferred trekking route
* trek starting date
* Trek starting point (Kathmandu or Pokhara)

Homepage content about:
* Special trekking itineri...

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