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The Use Of Internet Creates Adverse Essay

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The Use of Internet Creates Adverse Influence on Teenagers

Tabassum Akhter
Sec: 08
Course: English 102

BRAC University
Date of Submission: 20th August 2013

The Use of Internet Creates Adverse Influence on Teenagers

On Christmas Day, 1990, in a lab at Cern in Geneva, Switzerland, Tim Berners-Lee finished building the tools to create the World Wide Web (Krotoski, 2010). Twenty years ago, this act of releasing the technology for free had been a revolution. Twenty years later, this snowballing cyber age – with Twitter, Facebook, Skype, YouTube, Google and a maze of other electronic avenues – has engulfed the lives of today’s youth, where playing out into the fields has been replaced by surfing over the internet. Researches show that 87% of the youth today go online, representing 21 million youth (Weiss, 2005). It has become a growing concern in the society, especially among the parents, about the cyberspace’s detrimental impacts upon the teenagers since it is concealed beneath the whitewashed faces of social media and other sites and generates addiction, which results in reduced efficiency of the students. Furthermore, it exposes them to the dangers of cyber bullying, and ruins the teenagers’ creativity and originality; not to mention, it also creates destructive impact upon family bonds.

The creators of social media and other beguiling websites assert that the growth in the use of Internet is leading towards modernization among youths. It enables accelerated exchange of information and opens up diverse opportunities for valued learning, responsibility, and independence. Students can learn to manage time and resources effectively, master meaningful context, and communicate this information clearly to the intended audience (Wakefield & Rice, 2008). An admirable example of such websites could be ‘’, ...

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