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Internet And Information Paper Essay

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Cordarrius Pitts
Instructor: Phillip Neely, Jr.
Course: HUM/176
23 December 2012

Hello my friend, 

Yes I agree finding all this information so quickly for me I know have made my life a lot easy it seem everything I need to know are research is just a click away. The internet has so much to offer all the good things you heard is very true there are some bad things but I would say the good out weight the bad in my eyes it do anyways because without the internet I want be able to go to school online are share things online with my family and friends that live out of the state. Okay so your first question you ask how do you assess the value of all this information you find on the Internet. They are tons of sites you can use to assess value information online some are good and some are bad so you have to be careful which information you tak...

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