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Comparing Three Websites Ethics Legal And Regulatory Issues Essay

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Over the past few years, online auctions have taken the Internet by storm. Auction sites draw millions of buyers and sellers each month, creating a virtual flea market with items ranging from the mundane to the bizarre. Auction sites like eBay and exchanges like Commerce One allow people to bid for goods and services with different people potentially paying different prices. By matching uncertain components in demand to aggregated surplus capacity (supply), online auction markets may improve the overall match of demand with supply obtained from long-term contracting. Having a user friendly website that is easy to navigate is essential to the success for any business trying to sell goods or services online. Online auction sites are no exception and it may be even more important that they are user friendly because of the variety of the items that are available there. Ever since the boom and especially since the "bomb", most businesses have used the demise of others to their benefit and have become more customer service oriented. With doing more business via the web, companies have an even tougher job of making its customers feel secure in giving personal information over the internet. Most consumers will choose to use a trusted site to transmit information before they use one that they are not familiar with. With the responsibility for personal information that is transmitted on these websites comes a whole bunch of legal, ethical, and regulatory issues. values the privacy and security of its users. This value doesn't change when a consumer uses their auction site. Amazon also values the legal, ethical and regulatory issues that any website must address. To most consumers and website users, the legality and ethical side of a website is not necessarily important. A website is mainly used to purchase a product or conduct some sort of business rather than read through terms and conditions. This doesn't mean that these issues should be overlooked. and its auction site have incorporated these elements in their website so th...

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