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Os On The Web Essay

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Os on the Web
Common Internet Operating Systems
Joseph Lyon
University of Phoenix
July 10, 2012
There are a number of operating systems that are used on and for the internet. The most common operating systems used today are Microsoft, Linux, and Mac OS. Each of these offer different ways to view the internet (browser), as well as interact with other computer systems via the internet. Each of these operating systems has almost a cult following whose users are very good at them. The most commonly used OS would be the Microsoft line of operating systems. These started from Windows 3.1 and have evolved to the most recent Windows 8. These operating systems are the most commonly used due to the easy to use GUI and Microsoft has one of the largest software libraries out there. Most Companies use a mix of Microsoft and Linux server systems. The most commonly used version is currently Windows XP, but due to the drop of support, will soon be Windows 7. A large factor to t...

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