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Web Based Program Technology Essay

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Web-Based Software For Human Services

Web Based Programs
Human Services have many functions within the agencies. The agency wants to focus on the clients and operations. The operations of an agency can affect the effectiveness or failure of the program. The operations can be affected by human resources because the human resources cover who does the agency hires to what licensing needed for the employees. The human resource may also manage the marketing done by the agency such as who is the target audience, how does the agency information reach the audience, and how can the audience contact the agency. The agency finances must be in place to fund the agency and provide services. Not all agencies can offer all free services because of funding; the agency can be low cost. The agency must track where the money is going and if the money is used properly. The administration is in charge of finances and overlooks the progress of the agency. The key function is will be focusing on with be Client Services. Client services are having the client connact the human service worker and receive services properly from the human service work. The client needs access to services and be able to figure out what he or she needs. The clients concerns with a web based program can be feeling not connect to a professional or believe the work is hard but the client never sees the software and does not use the software. The only person inputting into the database is the professional.

The web based software can be used to store the client’s information, goals, and time lines. The web-based program can demonstrate the progress and the set back made by the client. The data would ...

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