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Computers, Laptops have become so important part of our life that no individual can even think of living without it. And it is the INTERNET facility in it due to which everything is possible. This is a device that connects you to the whole of the world. Internet can be connected to our PCs and laptops in many ways Through Internet whole of the world is in our hands and we are linked up with each other so easily. It has made our life very easy and fast. All daily routine works like shopping, paying of bills, booking of tickets of movies, trains can be done by sitting at home only. Moreover, it has opened new horizons of expanding our knowledge’s there is no subject or issue about which information is not available on net. We can define INTERNET as NEW EDUCATIVE TECHNIQUE for today’s generation. It is of great help to students, professionals, businessmen etc. In fact, it is a lifeline for everyone. Students can explore more and more of knowledge through it and can even appear for their exams and can also look for their results. They can also decide their future through it. Unemployed can look for new class jobs on it. Parents can look for suitable matches for their children on sites like Writers can put up their writings on sites like etc. In other words, nothing is impossible and you can do anything sitting at one place only. Credit card payments, banking, checking of accounts etc can also be done here....

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