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Website Evaluation

When using webpages to help with studying an undergraduate degree, one must be cautious with the value and legitimacy of the webpages and information that you use, similarly to the consideration of all different types of sources that are available. The following webpages have been evaluated and critiqued based on a criteria that is most helpful when choosing which webpages to use in one’s studies and work.

The webpage ( is a website that focuses on the period of Ancient Greece and uses timelines, maps, art, photographs and architecture to display the information that it provides. The author of this webpage is Thomas Sakoulas, a professor and Chair of the Art department at the State University of New York in Oneonta. He achieved his BFA from Florida International University in Miami Florida and studied his graduate work at Maryland Institute College in Baltimore. All this information can be found by going to the ‘About’ page at the bottom of the main index page ( However, there is no mention of the publisher. Thomas Sakoulas seems to have a professional standing as he has achieved his BFA but there seems to be no study of History or Ancient Studies being made clear. On the ‘About’ page, it says that “this site does not aspire to be a definite and finite publication on the subject”. This leads me to believe that there may be certain information that isn’t exactly known by Sakoulas to be actual truth but as a whole, the information provided on this website is accurate, especially when it comes to the ‘Timeline’ page where the information written is factual and informative. It

includes a bibliography and references to the sources that Sakoulas has used and this can be found on another link ...

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